Ultimate Realities

Every day, people live their lives. They rise unnaturally with alarm clocks and buzzers and start their morning routine. It becomes a way of life. We start to do things without thinking about them. We go into “auto pilot” as we ready ourselves for the day. As we drive to work, we think about how we wish things would be. We start to think about reality and what we would change if we could change it. All the while, still carrying out the tasks that need to be accomplished for us to reach our goals.

Why do we set goals? Is it a measurement of our accomplishments? Is it a competition between every member of the human species? Why do we decide to focus our energy on instrumental goals? Instrumental goals are goals that do not lead to an end, rather they lead to yet another goal. This is a cycle that lasts forever. For example: my goal is to get an education gain employment. Then my goal is to gain employment be in possession of money, a medium of exchange. My goal is to have money have purchasing power. And so on and so on.

This pattern of thought leads us astray from focusing our energy on our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goals are those that do not lead to another end; they are goals that we accomplish just for the pure purpose of accomplishing them. In other words, they are the reason we are here. They are our purposes in this life. The hard part is figuring out what they are.

The more energy we spend on achieving a goal, the better chance we have of accomplishing it. So I ask again, why do we choose to spend so much of our energy accomplishing instrumental goals (which in the grand scheme of things, are trivial) instead of pursuing our ultimate goals; accomplishing the purposes of our lives? Do we make that choice consciously?

Have we forgotten our purposes in life? Before technology, humans only purpose was to survive. That was their ultimate goal. They had to work very hard to feed themselves and not get eaten by predators. They had to build and maintain their dwellings. They had to figure out how to stay warm and safe. Today we don’t have to do any of that. Survival is easy now. We can just go get fast food to be fed. We don’t have to provide ourselves with food. We don’t have to hunt, fish, or farm. We just have to drive down the street to the store. We generally don’t build and maintain our own homes; we pay other people to do that for us. We don’t have to think about our safety, we just assume that nothing will attack and eat us during our slumber. Now that all that is taken care of, what does our ultimate goal become? What is the purpose of our lives? What is the one goal that must be accomplished in your life, just for the purpose of accomplishing that goal?

When all of our needs are met, we are left only with wants. We trick ourselves into believing our wants are actually our needs. The problem that we have as humans is that the feeling of want never leaves us. By nature, no matter how much we may have, we will always feel the want for something more; something different.

Contentment is the key. By being content, we alleviate all our wants and are left only with our ultimate goal. If we make our ultimate goal to be content, we create peace within our minds, and break free of our subconscious circular prisons.

As regular people, we are faced everyday with the presence of wealth and popularity. We see people on television (actors) portraying to be a person they are not, and making a large amount of money doing it. I believe almost every American at some point in their life has a desire to be rich and famous. This is because of the perceptions that we pick up during our lives. Some perceptions are obvious to us, some are not obvious. We know that people who make commercials have studied the images, sounds, and ideas that they think will make us want to purchase their product.

We have heard that a fool and his money will soon part. Have you really thought about that expression? What that says to me is: A person can be manipulated and led to believe that surrendering their money will lead to a better situation for them. (Accomplishing yet another instrumental goal)

If a person can be manipulated to do that, what else can a person be manipulated to do? By watching television, listening to the radio, reading magazines, we are bombarded with manipulation every day. We are led to believe that we want to be wealthy, we want the best kinds of stuff, we want to look good to ourselves and to other humans. We are lead to believe that the people who are wealthy, have the best kind of stuff, and look good are better than we are. How can that be true? Why do we gauge success on the amount of money we have?

Because we are unsure of what our ultimate goals are.

We are prisoners [SLAVES] in our own minds and most of us don’t know it.

You must be able to consider the possibility that everything you know is wrong. Up is down, light is dark, reality is fake, knowledge is deception, neither God nor science created the Earth.

You will find out that we are not the only creators of our mental prisons.

As people, we hold high respects for leaders. It doesn’t matter what they are leading, they will be respected by someone. Why is this? Sometimes we see people as standards. Some people are considered to be in high standard, and some in low standard. As humans, we feel like we need to categorize things. It is true that all people are created equal. Why then, do we see people as being in a higher or lower class than ourselves? The best way to feel about people is that we are all on an even level. There is no person better or worse than I. I will treat the homeless person with the same respect as I treat any world leader.

People can sense when another person perceives them as being in a higher or lower class than themselves. If another person perceives that I think they are on a higher level than I, they know that there is an opportunity to take advantage of me. If a person feels that I think less of them than of myself, they feel resentment and anger.

There is no reason for you to feel that you are less than anyone else. On the same token, there is no reason for you to feel that any person is less than you.

The best way to keep control of a population is simply to not let them realize they are being controlled. If you had no idea that someone was doing something to harm you, would the thought of trying to stop them ever cross your mind? If you did not realize that you were in prison, would you try to break free? What if prison was disguised as a “normal everyday life with the usual ups and downs”?

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