The Strangest Secret in the World (Part 3)

Drummer Gothdom
3 min readNov 24, 2020

The Conclusion

With all that we know about finances and resources, why does it seem so hard for us to know that we are going to be comfortable in retirement and not have to worry a bit about money?

If we all did save %10 of all the money we earned throughout our lifetime, would we not have enough saved up by the time we are ready to stop working? Of course we would. But we choose not to save the %10 each time we get paid. This is a choice that we make. It may not be a conscious choice, but it is a choice.

As humans, we have to learn how to control our minds to create an abundant mindset. Once we have abundance ingrained in our minds, our lives will become abundant. We need to take control of our minds to realize our true lives.

We need to live as if we have already reached our goals. If we choose to be wealthy, we have to live life as if we are wealthy. Once we start doing this, the physical realm with catch up with our manifestation.

Whatever the goal is, it has to always be on the mind. Whatever we put our energy in to we will receive and we will receive back exactly as much as we put in. In terms of universal energy, we will receive what we provide.

Whatever it is that you want, it can be true, but you have to want it %100. You have to be absolutely sure beyond any kind of a doubt that it is your end desire. If you live as if your end desire is already a reality, it will with no doubt become a reality in less time that you think is possible.

This, of course, is a method that we have to practice. So practice it every day. Remember, you are what you think about. Whatever is on your mind, the universe will provide. If you believe it, than so shall it be.

Once a person can take control of their mind, they can take control of their life. Think of your mind as a canoe. If you set the canoe out in the water with nothing in it but the oars, the canoe will not be purpose driven. It may never get to it’s destination because it does not have a driver.

Think of yourself as the driver of your mind. If you have a goal, you can use your oars to guide your mind and life towards your goals instead of floating around with no real direction in life.

With purpose, we can live a strong and meaningful life. Without purpose, we are dazed and confused.

Think of what your financial goal would be by the time you turn 65. Assign a concrete number to the amount of money you are going to have on your 65th birthday.

Every morning, write down five ideas that will help you to get to that goal. Of course, you can have other goals to write your ideas towards in the morning, but each and every morning make sure you write your 65th birthday monetary goal on the top of a piece of paper and under that write 5 ideas that you can do within that day to help you get there.

If you only do these goal exercises on the weekdays, you will come up with 25 different ideas each week. 100 ideas each month, and 1200 ideas each year. Of course all of your ideas will not be great ideas but some of them will. Some of them will be outstanding. At least a few of them will be life changing.

Take these steps and you will no doubt find success in your life.

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