The Power of Affirmations

A year ago there is no way anyone could have convinced me that affirmations would do anything to help me at all. I don’t believe in that kind of hokey stuff. It’s all a bunch of nonsense spread by people who have no sense.

Or so I thought…

Recently I was in the hospital for a severe injury on my shin due to diabetes and ulcerative colitis. It was a nasty one. The skin on my right shin had been eaten away by my immune system. There was muscle showing and it was extremely painful. The doctors at the hospital had me on Morphine and Vicodin at the same time. I could not get out of the hospital bed. It was horrible.

One sleepless night while I was there in the hospital (there were many sleepless nights, I don’t know what was so special about this one) was looking up on YouTube “how to get rich”. I came across what they call “abundance affirmations” Of course, I thought this was ridiculous, but what the hell, I didn’t have anything better to do.

I started listening to these abundance affirmations every night and during the day as well. Soon I found other affirmation videos on YouTube that I was interested in including health, success, confidence, and serenity. I figured it couldn’t hurt any right, I was there with nothing to do going crazy out of my mind anyway.

During my month long stay in the hospital, listening to affirmations on YouTube became a habit for me. I got so interested in it that I started doing a lot of research, finding out exactly how affirmations have effect on our brains, bodies, and feelings.

Let me tell you, this was definitely a rabbit hole. Through all my research I learned a lot, way too much to put here in a blog, but here is a super brief summary of what I have learned so far:

  1. Stating positive affirmations definitely helped me to keep a better mood.
  2. Doing it as a habit every day has helped me to be happier every day.
  3. When my mind is thinking good thoughts, more good thoughts keep on coming.
  4. Stating the affirmations every day have actually helped me to manifest the things I wanted.
  5. When I state affirmations, my mind and body resonate at a frequency which the Universe picks up on.
  6. Whatever frequency I am resonating to the Universe is what the Universe will return to me.
  7. Resonating negative frequencies brings me negative situations.
  8. Resonating positive frequencies brings me positive situations.
  9. Worry, fear, anger, disgust, hatred, jealousy are all negative feelings which resonate and will bring back exactly the same to me.
  10. Love, hope, happiness, joy, peace are all positive frequencies that will bring back the same to me.
  11. There are frequencies that I can run through headphones that are too low for me to hear, but they can help me with manifestations and feelings that I desire.

I know that this is a very basic explanation, and in the future I will get more in depth with each of the points I made above. Most likely I will make each of those a different blog post so if you’re interested, stay tuned.

And on another note, I have created a YouTube channel to post the meditation, manifestation, calming, and workout music that I make. You can check it out HERE and don’t forget to subscribe!

Until next time…


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