Finding the Reason

The question that everyone asks.

What is the reason? Why am I here? What is the purpose in life?

The answer to this is surprisingly simple. It is the answer that we all search for. It is so simple though, that many of us just don’t realize it because we are expecting or wanting a much more sophisticated or complicated answer.

Every human is in search of happiness. That is the simple answer that we all are looking for. That is the reason for everything that we do. We are all searching for a way to be happy.

We are all trying to experience a peaceful, loving, and joyful world to live in. Everything that we want is something that we think will make us happy. Why do people want a new job? To get more money or a better working atmosphere, right? But what is the reason for that? So they can be more happy.

The great thing is that it is easy to be happy! It is easy because we were meant to be happy all of the time. As human beings, er were not meant to be unhappy at all! If you are ever feeling unhappy, you alone have the power to turn it around.

You might say, well I want a new car, a new house, a new boyfriend/girlfriend. But in the end, those are things that you want because you think they will make you happy.

The Law of Attraction will bring to us whatever we want, if we are clear about what we want and think about it in a positive way. So here is a little tip that I use to harness the power of the Law of Attraction.

In the front of my mind, I keep the following thought: I am working to create a peaceful, joyful, and loving world for myself and everyone around me.

It’s that simple. Just keep this thought on your mind and really try to work towards it and it will happen!

When I say a peaceful, joyful, and loving world, what I really mean is that everything I ever want or desire is provided for me, I feel peaceful with no worries all the time, and I feel love all of the time as well.

It is really so simple to have this in life, but it is so easy to get carried away with the little things in life that make us unhappy. Just try to stay focused on the big picture and work to create a joyful, loving, and peaceful world for yourself and everyone around you.

It will help. I promise!

Until next time…


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