A Guide to Building Affirmations

I like to define affirmations as: “Repeated sayings or quotes that help us promote and provoke desired results including but not limited to feelings, situations, and outcomes.”

I believe that people (including me) use affirmations to replace a feeling or circumstance with one that is more desirable. To be able to replace the feeling or circumstance though, we must completely and precisely identify exactly what it is. For instance, we should not just say “I want to feel better.” We should be more specific about what we want to feel better about. If we are not specific about exactly what we want, our wishes may be granted in a different way because we were not clear what wish we were putting into the Universe.

I have found that the easiest way to do this is to use the “why” sequence. In the “why” sequence, we simply keep asking ourselves why we feel in a negative way until we have boiled it down to a very precise reason. It is much easier to do this in writing. Here’s an example:

I don’t feel happy — Why

Because I was not able to do what I wanted to do today — Why

Because I did not have enough time to do it — Why

Because I did other things instead — Why

Because I did not plan out my day to make sure I had time to do the thing I wanted

And here is where we find the affirmation for the day! I found out that I am not happy because I did not have time to do what I wanted because I did not plan out my day. So, then my affirmation for the next day could be something like: “I always am joyful because I plan out my day and accept everything the day has to offer including doing all of the things I want”

Now that we have our affirmation written out, and know exactly what it is, we can start using the affirmation any time we want! Personally, I would start with the affirmation right then and there and add it to my affirmations for the next day.

It is a good idea to keep an “affirmation toolbox.” This is a list or recordings of affirmations that you have made for yourself that you can use at any time. If you have them all written or recorded somewhere, it makes it easier for you to use them more often and remember how much they helped you.

Create your affirmations as “I” statements describing the feeling or circumstance you desire in the present tense as a statement of gratitude. (the gratitude part of the affirmation is super important) Use things like “I am so grateful that I have so much money in my bank account” “I am very thankful that I am so great at being on time everywhere I go” “I am so lucky and grateful to always find a great parking spot.” Do not state things like “I do not want to be broke anymore” “I do not want to wait in line anymore” “I do not want to feel sick anymore.” Just re-word them in the positive tense: “I am so grateful and happy that the cashier is ready for me as soon as I am ready to check out” “I am so thankful that I feel so good physically and mentally” After each affirmation that you state, thank the Universe three times.

Remember, affirmations are really your requests to the Universe for what you want in life. This is why you have to be super specific and make sure you state it in a positive way. The Universe will not tell the difference from positive and negative and it will give you exactly as you ask. If you say, “I don’t want to be broke anymore” the Universe hears “be broke” and will deliver more of that to you.

I have been using affirmations and manifestations for a very short time and it has helped me tremendously. I am very thankful that you are here on this journey with me and I humbly invite you to continue on with me and reach out to me any time for anything at all!

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